Part 1: Overview of ANSYS Workbech

    • Basic ANSYS Workbech

    • Install the program, introduce ANSYS Workbech

    • Introducing 3D modeling software such as (CATIA, Solidworks).

    • Build 2D and 3D models directly in ANSYS Design Modeler

    • Instructions for bringing models from other software into ANSYS.

    • An overview of ANSYS Mechanical

    • Application of ANSYS Mechanical in technical problems

    • ANSYS Mechanical interface and basic functions

    • Order of problem analysis using ANSYS Mechanical

    • An example of problem analysis using ANSYS Mechanical

Part 2: Finite element theory and grid standard

    • Introduce the general equation

    • The concept of finite analytic methods

    • The Rule of Hooks

    • Relationship between stress and strain

    • Types of nets supported

    • Grid standards

    • Automatic meshing in ANSA

Part 3: Calculation and simulation

    • Purpose of simulation

    • Create geometry

    • Create mesh

    • Establish boundary conditions (BCs)

    • Simulation

    • View results and process evaluation results of simulations