CFD Consulting

Professional Computational Fluid Dynamics Consultancy

CFD consulting is at the heart of what we do here at our Singapore Office at BroadTech Engineering.

Our mission as a CFD consultancy company is to help commercial organizations and Research partners to exploit the practical capability of CFD simulation analysis to solve real-world engineering challenges and to have a better understanding of complex fluid flow, Thermal heat transfer, and related flow processes that occur in industrial and environmental flow conditions.


  1. With this practical application of CFD simulation analysis via state-of-the-art CFD simulation software, such as Simcenter STAR-CCM+, it allows our clients and industry partners to enjoy benefits of Realistic Multiphysics Simulation through our CFD consulting services such as
  2. More refined and optimized engineering design concepts
  3. Enhanced Engineering design solutions of prototypes and processes 
  4. Improve performance of engineering process and prototypes.


We fulfill our mission objective by means of

  1. Providing our extensive CFD consulting experience accumulated across a wide range of industries.
  2. Offering our Research expertise and knowledge
  3. Knowledge transfer to enhance the CFD Modeling capability & sustainability of our partners and thereby maximising the ROI value of their business.

Featured CFD Consulting Case Studies

CFD Analysis of Natural Ventilation  

The newly designed green building is intended to be a beacon in sustainability design and energy efficiency, for which the Passive ventilation strategy is being designed as a low energy free Building cooling system.
Natural ventilation CFD studies were carried out using CFD Aerodynamics Simulation and Wind Load Analysis to assess the Passive Airflow Performance feasibility of different design features and Layouts.
Both Transient Thermal Analysis Simulation and Steady-State Thermal Analysis Simulation were carried out, where it took into consideration physical phenomena such as Venturi effects, natural convection passively driven by Wind, solar chimney and wind sensitivity.

Thermal Cooling System for Server Data Center.

Our Telecommclient installs Server Houses under their transmission antennas to generate mobile coverage for their customers. The Rack Servers generate 5kW of thermal heat and the cooling dissipation system is not optimized.
To cut down electricity expenses for Daily operations and improve energy efficiency, and energy Thermal simulation and Computational CFD Simulation study were carried out to optimize the Energy performance of the system.
Several cooling devices and configurations were analyzed using CFD Analysis and Multiphysics Heat Transfer Simulation.
Eventually, a wind-induced extraction system over the exhaust of the server was implemented as the most energy-efficient solution.